Whats is Cambium equivalent of Ubiquiti Edgerouter

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Please I am new to cambium products. I would like to ask which of the cambium products is equivalent to Ubiquity Edgerouter for connecting together a PtMP antenna and an Access Point at a Customer site.

Can an access point (like e510 access point) be connected directly to an antenna radio (like ePMP) at a customer site through their POE?.


Yes u can connect e510 directly to the ePMP antenna.
However, it should be remembered that the e510 has only one Ethernet port and to connect these devices you need a switch or a network bridge between the power supplies. Just like the following picture :slight_smile:


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Could you please recommend appropriate cambium switch or network bridge for this scenario.

Checkout their cnmatrix switches, ex1000 series is L2 and ex2000 series is L2/L3 switch.
Also there are new tx series (tower edition switches).
Cambium doesnt have a router which can be compared to ubnt edgerouter, but they have some routers to offer (search for cnpilot R series).

If you only connect 2 devices like ePMP and e510, it doesn’t have to be a switch…
You just need to bridge PoE power supplies
See the picture below. (left side ePMP - right side cnPilot)

It is also worth remembering that the power supply for the ePMP is COMPLETELY different than the one for the cnPilot. Photos of the power supplies below
First for ePMP (this one comes complete with antenna)

The next one is a power supply for cnPilot (this one has to be ordered - not included)

Of course, as a colleague wrote, you can use Cambium switches, but unfortunately you can only power cnPilot with the ex version, they do not support 30V and you will have to power the ePMP device from a separate power supply. Hence, what I wrote at the very beginning.

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Thanks @PFR , @mixig

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