When do I use the different backhaul links?

When do I use the different backhaul links?

The Canopy System has been developed to enable network design that meets the needs of the network users. Motorola has expertise that can help develop a profile of the current and estimated future demand of the network to provide sufficient capacity to meet service demands. In many LoS applications, the 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps backhauls meet the point-to-point communication requirements. The increased bandwidth of the 30/60 and 300 Mbps backhaul radios enables operators to achieve a reliable & high bandwidth link in challenging nLoS/NLoS conditions to:

* Interconnect campus buildings and remote branch offices

* Extend PBX T1/E1 voice circuits

* Backhaul cellular sites

* Establish temporary/backup links for disaster recovery

* Extend video surveillance beyond existing fiber/coax wired infrastructure

* Connect enterprise voice and data

* Reach remote Canopy Access Point Clusters