When is a signal too loud?


a general RF question I suppose … but when is a signal level considered too loud? I’ve been led to believe that a level of -54dBm would be the “ideal”, if the level is below -50 (when I say below, I mean -49, -48, etc …) then it is too loud and power should be lowered

And at the other end, what is the consensus on when a signal is too weak, again I would usually cut off around -80dBm

just wondering what other experience is …


Ideally all SM 's will fall within a 10dB range that is at least 6dB above your noise floor.

It’s not possible to get every SM within the 10dB range, but it’s a good goal.

is it better to point the sm away or adjust power down if the signal is too hot, and what are the implications of both?

We adjust the Tx power on the SM. Turning the antenna away pollutes your RF space unless you aim the antenna down.

Bear in mind that the only dB value that matters is at the AP. If the power level at the SM is -50dB it doesn’t matter as the SM only needs to hear the AP.