When should I adjust Frame Size?

ePMP Access Point devices in TDD or TDD PTP mode contain a scheduler configuration parameter called Frame Size

The Frame Size parameter is applicable when co-locating ePMP equipment with Canopy FSK-modulated devices (PMP 100).  In order to avoid interference, it is necessary that all APs (ePMP and PMP 100) use the same frame length, and PMP 100 devices operate solely with a 2.5 ms frame size.  With both ePMP and Canopy FSK transmitting 2.5 ms frames, the transmit and receive cycles are aligned (with GPS synchronization enabled, appropriate frame start timing/frame configuration) and interference is minimized.  

Please note:  Using a Frame Size of 2.5 ms  provides lower latency than a 5 ms setting with approximately 10% lower system throughput at the 2.5 ms-configured AP.

To read further about how to co-locate ePMP and PMP 100 see Understanding Co-location of ePMP 1000 and PMP 100 Systems.