When to start using cnPulse

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but what would be the typical size of deployment to start introducing cnPulse devices?

I know the answer to a lot of hypothetical questions is “it depends”, but is there a minimum number of subscribers where the tighter synchronization starts to make an appreciable difference?

Thank you.

My recommendation is to provide GPS synchronization even a single sector, or omni antenna. GPS synchronization can help prevent AP to AP interference. When AP’s are free-wheeling, you can have the situation where one AP is transmitting, and another AP is in receive mode: the transmitting AP is raising the noise floor of the receiving AP. GPS synchronization can ensure that all AP’s are transmitting at the same time, then receiving at the same time.

For sure, you should GPS synchronize if you have 2 or more AP’s in the same coverage area. You want to use the same TDD ratio for every AP, and GPS synchronize every AP.

Also, you should GPS synchronize if you are providing coverage in an area that a competitor is also covering.

Hope this helps. There is no minimum number of sectors before you need GPS synchronization.

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