When will 6GHz be added to linkplanner?

Now that the ePMP 4600 kits are making their way into our hands, how long can we expect to wait before we can put these in LinkPlanner?


We will be including ePMP 4600 in LINKPlanner after Q2. We are currently waiting for additional measurements and test data to accurately model the performance of the product.



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Thank you for the reply! Will be looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Am I missing it, or is not added yet?

Hi Ande Grillo,

We added ePMP 4600 products to LINKPlanner under Lower 6 GHz, Upper 6 GHz bands as part of LINKPlanner 5.6.9. Please take a look.


Hi Andre,

Please note that in this release they are only added to the PTP side of LINKPlanner, as the TDD capacity algorithms are still being finalized. They are planned to be added to the PMP side in our next desktop release in late October.

Can 2 ePMP 6 GHz Force 4625 be used in ePtP mode??

If so, I dont see that in LinkPlanner v6.2 nor in v5.7

EDIT: Nevermind, I see it now in both v6.2 and v5.7