When will web LinkPlanner support the best tilt tool?

This option works in the offline version but seems to be missing in the web version.

We are planning to add this feature by the end of this year in our December update.


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Hopefully we can get some feedback from other users on this as well.

For the calc tilt functionality, is it useful to have the same behaviour that we see in the desktop version.

Configure the min/max tilt and step interval, click “Go” and then view the table of results:

The default selection here is the angle that gives the highest overall throughput.

An alternative solution is where we have a calc tilt button where the calculation starts in the background and the tilt angle is automatically set to the angle that gives the “best” result. This wouldn’t give you as much information to work with, but if you always go with the default selection then the end result would be the same.



I’d prefer the same behaviour that you get in the desktop version.