Where can I get a contact to get license renewal?

I have been trying though my original vendor, and by sending emails to support and sales to get license renewal quote.

I started 2 months ago, and now i am locked out of reports, and configuration, of course.

The only thing I could get from Cambium was to contact my vendor and then the vendor asked ME for a contact name at Cambium. The vendor reports nothing forthcoming from Cambium.

There MUST be a better way to provide service to the customer. (I first wrote “to service the customer” but that describes the current situation rather too well.)

I like the product and what the dashboard does, or rather DID what I need it to do.

I have recommended the product in the past, but now? One of my sites is due replacement, but I’m not sure I’m going with Cambium anymore.

Hi Dan, I am very sorry about the issue you are having for renewal quote. Can you please forward me the emails with a list of product you want to renew including serial numbers. I will get you in contact with the correct people. Please email me at gary.hansen@cambiumnetworks.com .

Thanks for the quick response!!!