Where does Cambium "Fit" for you?

I swear I am not trying to "gas light" anyone.

I would like to have a "conversation" about Why cambium.

I first heard of the brand in 2017... but they missed ship dates again and again. I kept checking in and eventually forgot about them.

In 2019 I circled back and got a E410 for testing. I wasn't impressed or disappointed... it was more of a "well its missing a few things I need."

I contacted the rep and he let me work with cambium and they listened to my list and said they would get back to me. THEY DIDN'T

So the E410 went back into its box and sat on my shelf for over a year.

Last week one of my installs needed a replacment WAP that day. So I gave them the Ruckus R610 from my house. Dropped it in and it configured to work with the rest of the system and they were back and running at 100%.

I pulled out the Mikrotik cAP AC I had banished for its problems with 2.4 in busy places. (Basically, if there are a lot of networks nearby... the 2.4 radio just gives up.) So I ran that in my house for the last week. Its better than it used to be... but its a far cry from the Ruckus WAPs I use all the time.

But last night I pulled out the E410 and set it back up. Had to firmware update it to get it to talk to the cloud again... then put my SSID and Encryption in the site.

Right now I am running on it and its SMACK in the middle performance wise between the cAP AC and Ruckus R510 that was here 2 months ago.

Now here is where I stand with my wireless vendors...

Middle of nowhere, slow WAN and you are cheap... I will build a Wifi Network around the Mikrotik cAP ACs

Commercial install, fast WAN, lots of wifi nearby. YOU GET RUCKUS.

My Ruckus installs never complain after deployment.

My cAP installs... I am not so luck. But if I follow the rules... they work.

Now back to Cambium

Mikrotik cAP AC $70

Ruckus R510 $240

Cambium e410 $250

That is really not where I would expect it. I would expect it to be around $140. It doesn't out perform the R510 and it costs more. Which makes me wonder "why" or "where it would fit in".

So figure I would ask the people who actually use it.

Why do/would you pick Cambium over other solutions?

(Disclosure: I leave out UniF--k because I had too many problems with their WAPs over the years. And can't stand the whole "Networks for Idiots" archetecture they push.)


I don't want to derail this thread, I'd actually like to see how others respond.  If you'd like to reach out to me at Cambium, you can do so at daran.hermans@cambiumnetworks.com.

My first Wi-Fi install was Cisco Aeronet in 2003 at a hotel in Pleasanton California.  I got the Wi-Fi bug, but it took me a few more years before I could integrate one into my product portfolio at Tut Systems (long defunct company).

Perhaps you and I talk the same language. Or not, but we won't know unless we try.


I will shoot you an email.

Hi, this is RDW in Vietnam.  I have been in the tech business for the last 15 years or so.  I was actually the first to bring Meraki to SE Asia some 12 years ago.  My focus for the last few years has been two-fold.  One has been to help support an orphanage, some 150 children,  that is here in Hue Vietnam by growing our company DSN.  My long term plan is to configure DSN to support the children long after I leave through the continuation of DSN and its association with Cambium Networks.  Hopefully, it will not be bought out by Cisco like Meraki.

Guess I don't merit that phone call.

Deployed 3 networks last week. All of them got Ruckus Wireless... All of them made it through the "reopening of indoor dinning" in the restaurants they were deployed at.

And it can't be stressed enough... The R510s were all bought for under my Distribution cost. Gotta love Amazon... Thank God I don't rely on Margins.