Where should I do the Back to Back for data? In the Aux Port or Ethernet of the PSU?

I have a problem doing the back-to-back on the PTP 650, I’m doing it on the PSU’s ethernet port, but doing so the ports on the PSU are not auto-negotiating the speed at 1 Gbps, only at 100 Mbps. I would like to know if this should be done in the Aux Port and not in the PSU, since for more than try I do not achieve the Auto negotiation in the Ethernet ports of the PSU.

That's a nice diagram!

PTP 650 will not negotiate gigabit Ethernet between the Main PSU ports in a back-to-back connection. This is becasue the loading of four LPUs and two Power Injectors is too great. The best solution is to provide an active device like an Ethernet switch in the connection between the two Power Injectors. Is this a possibility in your network?

The aux port and PSU port dont see each other like 450i.

Aux ports are like independet links, for like a clear channel transportation.

Thank you for your answers...

Mark, providing Ethernet switch to each node in the network would increase the cost of the project and would also include more error point.

In conclusion, I can use the Aux Port to make the back to back in the ODUs or it is not possible ?.

I talked to my provider and he told me that this was possible and that it should be in the Aux Port to do the Back to Back. Annex a diagram of a section of the Link ...

You can connect between the Aux ports as you suggest. To do this you would need to map the Data Service to the Aux ports. If the ODUs are mounted very close together, then you won't need to fit a lightning surge suppressor on the cable between the Aux ports. This might be a nice solution. You should map the out of band local service to the Main PSU ports, to provide local management.

On the other hand, if the ODUs are not fixed to the same part of the tower, or they are fixed to different parts of a building, then surge suppressors should be fitted on the cable between the Aux ports. This is a bigger problem than first appears because our standard LPU relies on the 48 V power over Ethernet, and this is not present at the Aux ports. Instead we recommend you use a third-party suppressor that works at gigabit speed without a DC supply.

Another approach is to interconnect between the SFP ports using fiber (which does not need lightning protection). In this case you would need to purchase the fiber upgrade and source a suitable fiber cable. Most likely the Ethernet switch at the bottom of the tower would be less expensive. Also, the switch might support more flexible troubleshooting by allowing access to the end-to-end links.