Where to get DC port terminal block for PTP 820?

I purchased a pair of PTP 820S radios without any power supply, because I intend to power them off my own power supply. The radios didn't come with a pluggable terminal block for the DC port so I will need to order these separately. Does anyone have specs for this connector? It looks like a strange one, the pitch is about 4.8mm, not really a standard size.

If I can't find one on Mouser or Digikey, what's the cheapest Cambium product I can buy that comes with this connector?

Hello, if you used LINKPlanner to design this, it assumes POE power.  You can add optional extras (and zero out quantities for existing line items in the BOM) for different configurations.  The part you are looking for is:

N000082L065A  PTP 820 DC Connnector 

I believe these are MM-0084 plugs.  Hope this helps.


Thank you Chris, this is exactly the information I needed!