Which Wi-Fi Site Survey tool do you use commonly?


I use WIFI Analyzer app for Android - and i walk around and draw a pictures and plot performance and AP's for smaller deployments.

I'd like cambium to offer some tool for SMB and education deployments.  let me know if there is! :)


Thank you for sharing.

We do not have a site survey tool currently, however we have a brilliant tool for designing and modelling the networks.

LINK Planner

Very useful tool for outdoor PTP and PMP links.


can we use link planner for indoor ?

no it's just for the outdoor products (Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links/networks). Outdoor WiFi and Indoor WiFi products are not covered at this point. There is lots of professional tools on the market for indoor planning that you could explore. 


If you need a Wi-Fi Site Survey tool for troubleshooting network issues and more I would like to suggest, Use Wituners. You can optimize multiple WLANs whenever needed. Install Wituners on your Android Tablets and measure WiFi Signal or scan your channel.
WiTuners is one of the best option for you.


We use Airmagnet Survey Pro, and also Tamograph Pro for passive/active heatmaps as well as predictive surveys.  My preference would be Tamograph.  It's a great product for us.

if one plans to use external heat map tools like ibwave , ekahau or airmagnet or atoll, antenna patterns for cnPilot aps are mainted in the below location,

1. for e400 / e500/ e501s/e502s


2. for e410 / e600 / e700 /e430