Whitelist Access Slow Site load up

I have the e500 setup with the cnMaestro. I have it set up to use vouchers and I have whitelisted my website. Seems to work, I can access my website without logging in. The issue is that it takes forever to load the site. 30 sec to more than a minute. Any sugestions? Is there a way to make this faster?

Hi Jose,

  1. Are you seeing issue after the successful login using voucher?
  2. If you are using cloud, could you please invite raja.muniyandy@cambiumnetworks.com as super admin?

Raja M

In your website there are (probably) a lot of links to external websites (google tracking, facebook, ads, css, fonts…). Maybe some of them slow down the connection while going in timeout.

With your chrome and “inspect page” is easy to find out what webasite are incoporated in your page.

I added him but I never got any response from him.

Hi Jose,

I saw your whitelisted URL is “www.navigowifi.com”, but when i try to access the URL, internally it uses few other domains to load the page fonts, images etc. Please whitelist below domains also and check whether the page loads faster,



Thank you, I just added them to the whitelist. I will let you know once I go to the area.