Whitelisted IP loads very slowly

So I have an SSID that when connected brings up a captive portal that accepts voucher codes. I whitelisted the IP of a website I created so that users can only access that website even if they do not yet have a voucher code when they connect to my SSID. I embedded my website’s link on the captive portal’s page but when you click on the link it takes forever for my website to load up successfully. What can I do to make it load instantly? Also I white listed my website’s IP address in the Portal section, the WLAN section and in the Access Points Web UI as well just letting you know.

Your website could have a lot of embedded link to external site (google, fb, fonts, javascript). Check it out

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Oh okay do I need to whitelist those as well? Also where exactly do I do my whitelisting in my cambium controller’s WLAN, my Guest Portal section or in within my Access Point’s Web UI?

I fixed it thanks to @MW_WISP all I had to do was to inspect my website for external URLs and whitelist those URL in my controller’s WLAN and in my Guest Portal.

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