Who else is working against you?

after reading about the ant problem with a SM, I thought it would be interesting to find out what other critters are making your business tougher than it should be?

In our high-desert climate, we have frequent problem with wasp nests and hawks. Just last month we visited a customer who was having reregs only to to find a full-blown hawks nest on the dish!

my biggest problem is i havnt nailed down all the nasty traffic owning my network yet.

Build a CactiEZ machine. It includes NTOP that will help you find that nasty traffic.

Pigeons…and the mess they leave behind. That’s a huge problem in Toronto. …Oh and Turkey Vultures…they get grumby when your on their turf :slight_smile:

Flies. We have a few sites that are not sealed well and flies love them. Get to site and stand back, stay behind the door when opeing - it’s like a scene from a horror movie when the flies come out, huge swarms of them. Gross. haha And then of course there’s fly sh!t all over everything. Nice.

Mice are also bad. Those little bastards can climb anything. And leave nice little poops everywhere. And build nests inside any equipment they can get into. We set up some poison around one of our sites (5 buildings including a generator shack). Found one dead in one building, and 5 dead in the generator shack (must have been the easiest to get into).

Hmmm… what else… Yah, the hawks nest thing, saw a big one the other day, settled in a torsion arrester - not our tower though.


Good Lord! :shock: I thought this equipment was water tight?

I have been finding wasp nests inside the backs of the Channelmaster dishes. In fact, I got stung on the face today, right on the forehead. Stupid beasts! Hosed the dish with killer, and then injected silicone from the caluking gun into each of the holes. :wink:

That should keep them away. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

i am putting a lot of grease in the pole to prevent the ants crossing the pole to the SM. =D


chewing on the damn cables…

vj wrote:

chewing on the damn cables.....

Had the same problem with Elk. Stupid animals. haha Don't they know that causes us more work. :lol: