Why cant I use a reflector with a standard 5.2 BH?

Moto told me that a standard 5.2 BH has a range of 2 miles and you cannot put a reflector on it. I curious why he tells me I cant do that, It fits on a reflector. So is it an FCC limitation on Signal Strength, is it timing for the response from the other side, will the radio explode and kill everyone within 9 million miles?

Using a reflector dish puts the power above the FCC allowed limits.

There are extended range 5.2 BH’s that you can reflectors with. Perhaps talk to your dealer about it.

Yes, if I remember correctly the 5.2 Extended Range 20 Mbps have a range limitation of 5 miles, and the 5.2 Extended Range 10 Mbps have a range limitation of 10 miles. Reflectors may be used on both models.

we have a couple of the 5.2 extended range for a long hop. i was just curious about the reason the standard ones wouldnt take the reflector. Is the diffeence betwen extended range and standard in the software, or in the hardware, ie can I get an upgrade key for this?

That’s a good question.

I wonder if the hardware could allow power output limiting with a firmware update.

That is really the big difference between the Extended Range and the normal 5200 unit; power output from the radio.

The 5.2GHz allows a 30dBm EIRP including antenna.
So when you add a Motorola reflector your EIRP jumps by around 18dB.
Therefore the radio itself must now put out less than 12dB of power instead of 28dB-30dB that a normal 5200 creates.

There is a HUGE misconception in the field about this.
Lots of operators with hundreds and maybe even approaching thousands of 5200SM units that have reflectors on them set at maximum power.

We’ve got two large Motorola providers in our area alone using reflectors with 5200SM radios powered at full so they are getting 10-13 miles out from an AP illegally.