Why do I see "failed upgrade" message ?

For machines with more than one network interface card (NIC) installed, the following may be one reason device software upgrades are failing when using CNS Server.

For machines with multiple network interfaces (i.e. multiple wired interfaces, single wired AND a wireless interface, etc.) it is strongly recommended to explicitly configure the interface that the devices should be using when communicating back to the CNS Server to upload software or configuration files to the devices. In CNS Server, this is referred to as the "Network Facing Interface". 

To configure the network facing interface do the following:

1. In CNS Server, click the ADMIN tab from the navigation bar at the top, and then the GENERAL button on the resulting admin screen. 

2. Click the drop down list next to "Network Facing Interface". 

3. Select the IP address that the devices will use when contacting the CNS Server. 

4. Click Save Changes, and restart the server using the commands documented in the User Guide or Quick Start Guide. 

Failing to do this may result in a situation where the CNS Server can monitor the devices and view data correctly, but any software upgrade request will fail.