Why does ethernet link affect wireless link??

I log into an SM or BHslave unit from above the AP/BHm.

I disable the ethernet port on the device.  And the wireless session is dropped and rebuilt just as if I'd changed wireless radio settings.

WHY does it drop the wireless link??  What does the ethernet port status have to do with the wireless link state?


I've noticed that there's a few non-RF releated settings in the ePMP UI that will drop the RF link when a setting is applied. Here's just a few of the ones I've noticed... Changing anything on the QoS page drops the RF. Changing Max TX power from AUTO to Manual  and back drops it. Changing DNS settings on the network page drops RF.

Hi Eric and J, 

There are dependencies between the wireless interface and ethernet interface due to the various QoS and networking features. The Aux port adds another level of dependency and complexity (not to mention the VLANs, Seperate management IP, Mgmt acccess through wireless and ethernet etc.). Hence some of the changes need a restart of the drivers (both wireless and ethernet) to bring them up cleanly taking into account all the dependencies.