Why is historical telemetry data restricted on the On-Prem version?

It makes no sense for Cambium to restrict historical telemetry data for the On-Premise version of cnMaestro to be restricted to any amount. It doesn’t cost Cambium extra to use my hard drives.

It only makes sense if you want your users to move to the cloud hosted version lol

It costs Cambium to develop cnMaestro. We recoup those costs by charging according to the value that the system provides. There is no sinister intention.

By that argument there should be a base charge. You’re telling me storing historical data costs Cambium more in v5 than it did in <v3.2 for an on-prem deployment? For that matter, 7 days is free, yet 30 day, etc isn’t. The tool development cost money, the cloud-based storage costs money, the data I store locally doesn’t cost Cambium money.