Why wont my cnpulse sync recover from out of sync

I have two sites running tx 2012rp switches and both lose sync… why are they not recovering on their own? I have to turn off and then on again the sync port on the switch and then it goes back to in-sync

Update now one of the switches will not go back into sync when I turn the sync power state off and then on again… holy flip

Anyone, I have a few threads going for the loss of sync on tx switch and I really need cambium to comment… and yes I have submitted a ticket and no resolve

So, try something different… try NOT using cnPulse… try just using an ePMP GPS puck (or any 3rd party GPS antenna) on your TX switches. That’s what we do and have had zero issues.

As far as I remember, in some of the previous posts, Cambi’s experts recommended synchronization via cnPulse as reliable, while GPS was only an option.

Thank you both for replies… yes I am going to connect a gps puck to the switch but that was originally for redundancy as like @zica49 said cnpulse was recommended as the way to go and puck as backup.
All in all if I have a switch using cnpulse and it goes out of sync randomly and the only fix is to disable and then enable the cnpulse power state, I think there is a problem and I just want to find the solution so hoping cambium can provide that.

Any news on this issue?

I am also having this issue on a TX-2012RP does anyone have any updates on a fix?

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