Wi-Fi clients events are blocked, as device generating high rate of events

Why am I getting this Minor alarm on an e500 over and over.

Steve Schuh

Hi Steve,

This message will appear when a high number of connecting / disconnecting events have occured within a short space of time (5 min).

I would look into the events (go to the AP - Notifications - Events) and see if you can locate the client device that is causing the problem.

This is happening a lot in this campground network on several different APs.  Do I have something set wrong and is this having an adverse effect?


Hi Steve,

It's unlikely you have anything set wrong, it's most likely a client device causing the problem. But just to be sure do you have Band Steering or Enhanced Roaming enabled?

The only effect is that the Events are not being logged (to stop the system being flooded with messages of clients connecting and disconnect).

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