Wi-Fi Designer - Design your wi-fi network with a design tool that incorporates multi-radio APs

Wi-Fi Designer cloud has always been a unique wi-fi network design tool in that it supports the Cambium Xirrus multi-radio access points.

It has also just been updated to include several cnPilot indoor access points, so this is a great tool for any of our partners designing wi-fi networks using XD series products, or the e400 series products.

A couple of really nice things about the design tool are that it runs in the cloud so it is easily accessible, and it's free.

Create an account, upload your floorplan, draw in the walls, add the APs, print the plan and the BOM.  Super easy.

You can access the updated design tool at: https://wfd.cloud.xirrus.com/wfdc/ 


Above link is not working. 

Hi. I have checked the link and it is working now.