Wi-Fi Designer Tool

Design an effective Wi-FI network that meets user demand and works in your unique environment with our free cloud-based Wi-Fi Designer network tool. Wi-Fi Designer is an intuitive predictive heat-map tool.

  • Upload your floor plan or drag and drop to replicate it 
  • Select environmental attenuation factors or draw walls and obstacles yourself
  • Place Xirrus or cnPilot or generic APs to visualize coverage
  • See effect of your building’s materials on RF coverage
  • Do “What If” modeling for different scenarios • Create and print heatmap and BOM

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Hi, i have a little doubt about the meaning of "ENVIRONMENT ADJUSTMENT".

Quiero saber cual es el propósito del parámetro de "environment adjustment" en la parte de setting en wifi design planner.

Hola, el menú desplegable "Enviroment Type" agrega niveles estándar de atenuación según el tipo seleccionado

The “Environment Type”  dropdown adds standard levels of attenuation based on the type selected, these are:

  • Apartment 2.8dB
  • Convention Center 2.5dB
  • Cubicles 3.0dB
  • Hospital 3.8dB
  • Outdoors 2.0dB
  • School 2.8dB
  • Walled Office 3.5dB
  • Warehouse 3.8dB

The “Environment Adjustment” allows the user to add additional attenuation to the “Environment Type”  selection.

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