Wi-Fi NOW International 2019

Join Cambium Networks celebrating 20 Years of Wi-Fi at Wi-Fi NOW World Congress International 

Event Sponsor and Speaking Rad Sethuraman

November 14 at 11:00-11:20 AM “Weaving the new wireless fabric – with unlicensed bands” at Main Stage Promotions

At this year’s Wi-Fi NOW International we’re zooming in on the following themes:

  • On a mission: More spectrum for Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band
  • Wi-Fi 6: A great leap forward for connectivity everywhere
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi for the hyper-connected Smart Home
  • Security & monetization: Powering the wireless enterprise
  • Wi-Fi IoT: A mass-market opportunity today – including for industries
  • Connecting the unconnected with Wi-Fi & unlicensed bands
  • Mobility & convergence for carriers

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