Has anyone else suffered issues with E410 ap’s and WIDS_EAPOL_FLOOD, WIDS_ASSOC_FLOOD, WIDS_DEAUTH_FLOOD that results in the AP’s going off line for around 12 hours? Once they come back no one can connect to the WiFi.

I have a support ticket open but though I would check in to see if anyone has any ideas?

It has been doing it for 48hrs and there haven’t been any changes to the config or software prior to the issue. Support asked us to downgrade to the recommend version but it hasn’t solved the issue.

Last night the TP Link Switch that they are connected to also went off line so i’m wondering if it’s related. The router on site is up so i know its not a power issue.

Hi, we have a site which has been suffering this type of issue with flooding. It was affecting a
One or two xv2 APs on one of our customers sites. We have now seen the issue again on the same site but its now pushed all the switches offline but all the aps are still online. Never seen that before. Last time i spoke to support they said it was a bug with the software. Did your issue get resolved or not?

This is impacting a site with 5 AP’s and all 5 have gone down. support has asked for access to maestro to check the config but they haven’t found anything yet and the AP’s and the TP Link Switch are all still down. A reboot brings them online for an hour or so but then it happens again. During the hour that they are up and online, only a small handful of users are able to connect.

Hi @Martin_Bence1,

We would want few things to debug this issue further,

  1. If you are using cloud, could you please invite raja.muniyandy@cambiumnetworks.com as super admin or if you are using on prem kindly share the techdump of both AP and On-prem.
  2. Under AP groups, have you enabled WIDS with flood detection?

Raja M

We are also experiencing this as well - I’ve raised a support ticket about it and waiting to hear back.

We have also seen some reboots due to ‘Watchdog’ in the event log which might be related as well. It only started this week and changing the firmware (up and downgrade) along with a factory reset did not make a difference.