WiFi in the Park

So here’s an open question for conversation starting. 

What does everyone do for WIFI in a public area? 

Specifically, I’m looking at best practice for access.  I’m going to start deploying cnPilot AP’s at some of our small community baseball fields.  Some of these communities have little to no cell service, and when you’re at the ball park and want to share a video of your child playing, or tell family where you are, or even in emergencies, you need connectivity.  So I’m looking at leveraging this need with opportunity for our company and providing free service, but use it for marketing, with the potential to upsell ‘Advanced Services’.  IE; could offer streaming cameras, higher capacity, etc. for a cost.  One local park is stating they will limit connectivity by just unplugging the equipment when they are not there, however I find this to be some what archaic in nature.  Thus, my long winded question, what’s the best practice for allowing limited access on this network, that prevents users from sitting and streaming movies in the parking lot, during weeknights, but allows attendees to utilize the service as preferred.  I’m not asking for the HOW, I’m well versed in the technical capabilities of the equipment, but more asking the WHAT. What’s the group typically lean towards using over the other, vouchers vs. open, time limits, bandwidth limits, and so on?

Again, to clarify, I'm aware of what's out there and how to set it up, so not asking for technical responses as much as process responses.  If you have a similiar type setup, how do you manage users accessing the network.

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