Wifi roaming for Wifi Calling

I have installed e410 in customer’s house and XV2-2T at his shed. Customer is connected to house e410 and having wifi calling.House has different data vlan and shed XV2-2T has a different data vlan. when customer moves from house to shed, how can we set up the WLAN’s to automatically connect to the WLAN with better signals without dropping his WIFI CALL? will it be possible? and how if it is? please share the requirements and configuration procedure.

Thank you

You should follow this guide on 802.11r fast roaming and Cambium’s proprietary roaming feature.


If you don’t want the call to drop… You need to have the same SSID, password and VLAN across both APs.

The wifi calling relies on a IPSec communication on 500 or 4500, for ATT TMobile and VZW.

Once that connection sets up… You can’t go changing IP addresses, and have the connection NOT DROP.


802.11 (r/v/k) is not dedicated for WiFi Calling :slight_smile: and working only on Apple devices.
WiFi Calling connection will always drop connectins when you change AP.
There is no parametres to make it better :frowning:

Hi @PFR,

I think you are wrong. At least (most of) Samsung devices support r/v/k.
And you can use wifi calling while roaming (with same vlan, ssid, etc, like @Springs said)

On Cambium staff working only with wpa2 enterprise

Repeating what Springs has said. The two APs MUST have the same SSID and VLAN in order for the client to keep its same IP address and therefore keep its connections like wifi calling going.

We can talk about 11r benefits later but the cause for the wifi call dropping is the different VLANs on the same SSID configured on the 2 APs.