802.11r Roaming with Cambium Enterprise APs

Cambium’s Enterprise series AP E400/E500 are now equipped with standard 802.11r roaming protocol which facilitates smooth roaming experience for advanced wireless clients between two or multiple APs. These access points offer an affordable and scalable L2 broadcast based roaming solution which directly advertises client specific information to all access points sitting on same domain. This greatly helps to minimize the delay when wireless client’s roam and hence always maintaining a persistent roaming behaviour.



802.11r roaming can be configured from WLAN profile configuration and feature is available with 802.1X enterprise security and WPA2-PSK security.

Make sure that All APs used for roaming are sharing the same VLAN.


Roam Delay: cnPilot series APs provides roaming experience with delay not exceeding to 30 milliseconds and hence presents great utilization for wireless telephony and Skype kind of application which needs a best roaming experience for un interrupted traffic.