Wifi4EU captive portal - problem (logo and slow)

We have done Wifi4EU 2 years ago without any problem.
Currently we did the same, with exactly same setting, but the captive portal has these problems.

  1. Logo of WIFI4EU is loaded AFTER the user clicks on login button. Till that, there is only text wifi4eu_logo
    We use the original logo (hosted by WiFi4EU)
    When we try to load the page directly on PC via URL the logo is loaded correctly.

  2. The captive portal page load time is very slow. It takes 10 sec or more. The cambium units are connected to fiber network and the are no general connections problems.

CnMaestro was upgraded to Version 3.0.0-r34

Access portals are done the exactly the same way and all of them passed EU initial checks

We got a message from EU CORPORATE NOTIFICATION SYSTEM that “Visual identity of Wifi4EU project was not present”

We found as well the difference in original css style loaded on the page.
In the 2year old login page there is section @media in the style.
In current installation the @media section is /commented out/
It it not a such problem, because we were able to load custom css, even that on the older installation is no custom css at all. So it is just weird.

U have to add special logo in proper place - 5 minutes of work :slight_smile: Look at private message :slight_smile: