WifiPerf – Network Performance measurement tool for cnPilot APs

The WifiPerf feature in cnPilot APs (E series and R series devices) enables them to measure network performance, which helps to identify/resolve network issues. Performance test, will be executed between cnPilot AP  and another WifiPerf endpoint as per below scenarios.

WifiPerf Modules

  • WifiPerf Endpoint

Endpoints are a pair of network elements between which Network performance is measured. In our case one endpoint is a cnPilot AP, while the other could be cnMaestro On-Premises instance or another cnPilot AP, or any host PC running “zapwireless” application .(Wifiperf Interoperate with open source zapwireless tool  https://code.google.com/archive/p/zapwireless/.)

  • WifiPerf manager

A Wifiperf manager is a network element from which the Wifiperf test can be initiated. This could be a cnMaestro On-Premises instance or a PC running “zapwireless” application.

The Wifiperf manager establishes control session with wifiperf endpoints using TCP port number 18301. So it is mandatory that wifiperf endpoints are reachable from wifiperf manager. Make sure the NAT/firewall does not block the traffic from wifiperf manager to any endpoint and between the endpoints. Also, ensure that port number 18301 is not blocked in the network for TCP and UDP.  

Executing WifiPerf using cnMaestro On- Premises

This is applicable for both E-series and R-series devices. APs should be on-boarded into cnMaestro.As mentioned earlier, make sure Wifiperf traffic (TCP/UDP traffic with port number 18301) is  allowed from cnMaestro to cnPilot AP. (no NAT or firewall barrier).

       To run the Wi-Fi performance test, navigate to Tools > Wi-Fi Performance page.

main diagram-2.png

Duration can be selected as 10, 20, 30 seconds, and traffic type/protocol select as UDP or TCP.

WifiPerf manager running on cnMaestro on-premises initiate  the test between AP and selected WifiPerf endpoint and output will be displayed. 

Uplink direction  is cnPilot AP to other wifiperf endpoint and  Downlink  is other wifiperf end point to cnPilot AP.

Common scenarios of wifiperf  test from cnMaestro On-premises are explained below and you need to select the end point as per the scenarios.

Wifiperf test between cnMaestro On-Premises and cnPilot AP

cnMaestro On-Premises is having a built-in wifiperf manager and wifiperf endpoint. Test will be performed  between AP and cnMaestro on-Premises. 

  main diagram-3.png

Prior to start the test , make sure wifiperf is enabled on cnMaestro on-premises. To enable wifiperf service on cnMaestro by Navigate to Application ->settings and enable wifiperf Daemon

To perform the test select end point as cnMaestro.     

Wifiperf test between a cnPilot AP and a local host 

You can select local host (or any other cnPilot AP with wifiperf enabled) as endpoint in order   to run speed test between AP and local host.

In order to setup the host computer as a wifiperf endpoint, install zap wireless tool in the local host.(https://code.google.com/archive/p/zapwireless/ ) 

Additionally, we also need to specify the IP address of this host in cnMaestro as shown below.

Navigate to network -> site -> configuration ->  WiFiPerf Server 

To perform the test with local host , select end point as local host.

Wifiperf test with a mesh Client

Wifiperf test for mesh client is only  applicable only for E-series. Mesh client should be either cnPilot AP or any device with zap wireless running.

Other endpoint can be selected as cnPilot AP, cnMaestro or   local host.

To perform the test for mesh client, navigate to mesh peers -> wifiperf test icon (highlighted with red below). Down link direction is Endpoint to mesh client  and uplink is mesh client to endpoint. 

Executing Wifiperf without using cnMaestro

This is supported only for E-series devices

This procedure is applicable for any of the below cases

  1. APs that are not managed by cnMaestro On-premises
  2. cnMaestro is remote to the site (NAT or firewall barrier block the speed test data)
  3. User want to perform the speed test between AP and his local PC

main diagram-8.png

Install zap wireless tool on  local host  PC and  execute zapwireless test from host PC. (‘zap –s<DEVICE IP>  -d <PC IP> - X<iteration>).

Refer zapwireless documentation 

http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/netos/article.php/3861171/Zap-Provides-Open-Source-Wireless-Testing.htm  for more command options.

Prior to start the test , you need enable WifiPerf on cnPilot AP from device GUI ->navigate to   configuration -> services -   >Enable wifiperf 

main diagram-9.png



It would be helpful to know what TCP/UDP ports need to be open to allow for Wifiperf to operate.

The port information is 18301. (both TCP and UDP).