Will changing management on Cambium PTP 800 from in-band to out of band affect traffic?


I have a pair of Cambium ptp 800 11ghz radio currently in production. These radios were configured with in-band management originally but now I want to change it to out of band management. My question here is would the link drop temporarily when I change the management setting on these radios from in-band to out of band local?

If anyone has any info or can test it out, please let me know. Appreciate anything information you have! :)

When we developed the PTP 800, we took great care to reduce the number of configuration changes that required a reboot.

From the user manual: "In general, configuration changes can be completed without a reboot."

I doubt that your configuration change will cause a reboot; however, there is another thing you should consider:

"When using out-of-band management mode, avoid connecting Management and Data ports in the same network. Loops in the network can be complicated to detect and correct."

I hope this helps!