Will CNUT run on Fedora?

Currently shopping for MacBook Air M2 to replace my aging Intel MacBook Pro.

Previously used VirtBox w/ CentOS to run CNUT but that is not an option on M2.

Would like to run CNUT within Fedora via UTM/QEMU on the M2.

Will CNUT run on Fedora?

Will CNUT x64/x86 run on Fedora ARM?

Open to other options to run CNUT on M1/M2.

I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, BUT if you’re just needing to update the firmware on PMP450 radios… assuming that you’re using R21.1.0.1 on your PMP450 radios, you’ll no longer need CNUT to update the firmware on them as you can now do this directly on the radio:


Thanks for that info. Would be great to update via the GUI.

I’m way behind in updating the firmware. Apprehensive about updating because it would be costly and real pain if it borks the radio due to a bad bit or solar flair. :flushed:

Embarrassed to tell you that my PTP 450 900MHz link is running BHUL450.

What is the likely hood that I would see better performance updating firmware to the latest?

Speaking of costly what is going on with the pricing and availability of the 450 900MHz radio ? A quick search online reveals they are out of stock most places and cost over $700 per radio.