Will cnWave support 65-71GHz Channels?

Last month New Zealand’s Radio Spectrum Managers extended the 60GHz channels, opening up 57-71GHz at an EIRP of 55dBm with antenna larger than 30dBm gain.

Will the existing cnWave product line up (more specifically the v3000s) support these higher channels in the future, and if so when might we expect this?

Would love to try and push the distance on these PTP links as far as possible while maintaining >1G during moderate rain conditions.

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I’ll let someone from the product team respond, but I want to mention that supporting higher frequencies in the band won’t necessarily provide longer range. Channels 1, 3, and 4 outperform 2 because channel 2 has the highest oxygen absorption. It may seem like going higher in frequency increases range, but the free space loss increases as a function of not only distance, but also frequency. Although channels 3 and 4 give greater range than channel 2, you don’t continue gaining range with higher frequencies.

It’s my understanding that 60GHz channels are unique in this fashion due to the larger loss decreases with higher frequencies from oxygen absorption compared to the lower loss increases of FSPL. Where the difference in FSPL is only ~1.1dBm between 60GHz and 68GHz but sees a decrease in loss of ~12dBm per KM due to lower oxygen absorption rates, meaning further distances should be achievable at these higher frequencies. Of course there is a limit to this where FSPL affects it more which appears to be around 70GHz, but channels between 65-71GHz should outperform 59-64GHz.

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I’m hoping Australia’s ACMA is able to open up the 60GHz band; we can’t do Channel Bonding and only have access to Channel 2 which suffers the most from Oxygen Absolution… which affects most of Australia due to our proximity to the equator.