Will further distance SMs negatively effect closer SMs?

I have a tower serving mostly customers in the 1 to 3 mile range ona 20 Mhz channel. We offer very high throughput packages (50 - 75 Mbs) to the closer in clients.  However, there are a few clients at 4 to 5 miles out that want service (at speeds below 50 Mbps). If I connect them to the same AP as the close clients, is that going to have a negative effect on the closer clients (not withstanding normal AP traffic) or am I better off hanging an additional AP that only serivices the further clients?  I'm thinking along the lines of slower wifi clients slowing down the entire AP - or does that not apply here?

Hello AU Wireless,

First of all I would like to mention that you have very high throughput packages, total ePMP AP Throughput (200 Mbps for 40 MHz cgannel and 120 Mbps for 20 MHz) will be devided between all SM despite distance they are located on.

If you will provide good SNR level for devices in more distan area it will be no difference for AP between SMs in 1-3 mile range and 4-5 mile ranges.

So it should be your decision about possibility still to provide such veru high throughput packeges with bigger SMs amount despite distance issues.

Thank you.

Hi AU, 

An SM with poor link conditions will not affect SMs that are nearer or with better link conditions. ePMP uses "Air Fairness" to ensure a poor SM does not have a negative impact on other SMs. However, as Fedor mentioned, you will have to make sure you are not oversubscribing the sector. 



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Thanks for the replies. These sectors are servicing around 10 SMS each (due to the throughput needs) so I think I will be OK. We do monitor usage pretty closely.

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