Will it work.

My Shot is 5.5 Miles away, my tower site is a building and my antennas are 100 Meters tall. There’s trees in the way that are 0.23 do ya’ll think the 2.4 GHz will penetrate these tree tops. This is a 2.4 GHz antenna connectorized with a MTI Flat panel antenna 13 dbi. 90deg

You are asking if 2.4GHz can penetrate .23 miles of trees at 5 miles?

My initial reaction is it will not be a quality link if it hooks up but that is almost impossible to answer in a forum. Noise floor, fresnel clearances, tree types, historical link successes are information that will give you an idea if a link is going to work in a given system.

However you can do a link budget analysis and determine your fade margin. If you have enough extra signal it might be worth a try.

I do have a 2.4 AP linked to a 2.4 SM that is 8.7 miles away. There are a batch of oak trees within 1000 ft of the AP and a batch of pine trees within 100ft of the SM. The link operates around -65dbm with jitter of 4 and less. Link test is 99% both ways. 1x mode.

The SM however has a pac wireless grid and is 120ft up a pine tree so it has a very clear fresnel zone beyond the initial tree obstruction.

I am a big fan of just trying links like this even if the path analysis seems unlikely. Its amazing what actually does work.

I’ve seen 2.4 through few trees at about 2 miles but 5 miles is really pushing it. As was mentioned, the unknown of the noise floor plays a big part too. I would be skeptical of the ability to achieve a quality signal and would recommend against it.