wind and BH dishes on towers

We have six BH dishes on our network. They are at heights of 300’, 200’, and 130’ on different towers. Four of them have been blown out of alignment because of wind since August ‘04, one of them twice. The problem has always been either the elevation joint, where the numbers are stamped, or on the plate that would either screw into the roof or attach to the pole. Basically they get pushed down, not side to side.

In all cases the bolts on the dishes are still tight when we get up there and have to be loosened in order to re-aim the dish. On one of our towers we ran a self tapping screw through the joints so that they cannot slide. Since then that tower has been fine. We’re looking at installing some tie backs on our other tower so they cannot move in any direction.

We had a dish get blown out of alignment tonight at 300’. At the time the weather service was reporting 20 mph winds with gusts up to 36 mph. Does anyone else have trouble keeping their dishes in alignment? This just seems to be happening too often.

We have had trouble. Not too often though. We generally don’t use the bent arm that attaches to the mounting plate. We usually get a short length of conduit to use in it’s place and mount that to the tower. The conduit is bit larger in diameter so we have to take the “pipe clamp” (not sure what to call it) off of the dish to get the conduit in. Tight fit.

We recently had one that was blown straight down like you mentioned. It is mounted at about 60 feet on top of a mountain (above the tree line). We ended up using a few “guy lines” to hold it firmly in place.



lo que tenes que hacer es esto:

1° alinear el reflector
2° amarrarlo con alambre de calibre fino galvanizado haciendo 2 perforaciones en el plato en sus laterales.
3° de cada lateral, amarrar el alambre hacia la torre
4° dormí tranquilo, porque no se te mueve mas.

así tenemos varios platos sin problemas.


I would go with the above solution, mount a pole/conduit piece horizontally, and then slide the dish onto that, use self-tapping screws to hold it on better than the supplied screws. I have several BH’s at different elevations, and only 1 has ever moved on me, and it is mounted with the full arm and only 1 U-bolt holding it to the tower, bad setup I know, but to change it would be a pain, and its moved once in 2 years. I usually cut all but 1’ off of the supplied Sat mount, and put U-bolts in the base to hold it to a pole/tower.

The NWS measures wind speed at 33 feet, the wind speeds at 100 feet or higher canbe drastically different.