Wired backhaul on Mesh config

I know how to setup a mesh system, but there are times where it would be beneficial to have a wired backhaul. It’s unfortunate that I can do this with a simple system from Linksys, but not from enterprise equipment from Cambium. That being said, perhaps I’m missing something and if there’s a method, I would like to know what that is. Any information would be appreciated.

I am missing something in your query. Could you please rephrase it.
Thank You.

I know I can setup the client and base for a mesh system, but is there a possible way to have clients tied with an ethernet cable for a hard wired backhaul and not just a wireless hop from the base?

There is no limitation on connecting wired clients to mesh client.

Mesh base is always connected to wired as per deployment.

I know the mesh base is always wired. What I mean is that if I have multiple WAPS on one network, can only the base be tied to the network via a hardline or can each client WAP be tied via a hardline for best speed and still be a mesh network for devices such as phones and laptops?

  1. On mesh client, it is always extended network for both wired and wireless.

  2. If you are connecting mesh client to wired network where you have internet or intranet access:

    • Mesh link will still be established

    • Data path on mesh client will be Ethernet, since it is reachable to internet or intranet.

  3. Please ensure that Mesh base and Mesh client should not in same network.

On your number 3, do you mean to have totally different subnets for the wireless access point clients or do you mean to have a separate AP group? I.E. Base plus needed SSID and the Client and needed SSID.

In connecting the mesh client to the wired network, you need to make sure you are not creating a loop in your network.

If I create a wired backhaul, do you recommend a separate subnet for each AP set as a mesh client?

You should keep the management VLAN interface for each AP(Base & Client) addressed within the same subnet.

If that VLAN interface has access to your Ethernet port and the path through that Ethernet port has a route to Internet/Intranet, then traffic hitting the AP will favor the wired path over the wireless path.

If that’s the case, the problem I need to overcome is having a device change to the nearest/strongest WAP faster. Thoughts?