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Hello, it's my first message on cambium community.

I'm Antonio Cocco from italy and recently I start to scout cambium networks products.

I work in IT company and we have several Hotels as customers, in one of them we are planning to migrate actual wireless distribution to cambium networks but customer want split in several steps, one for every building.

The questions is:

Can we use a cnpilot device as wired gateway to let work actual wireless distribution as transparent access network where we still not update all access points?

The scenario is:

One big wan fiber connection splitter on main switch.

On main switch a link to first building where are several cambium e-series devices with single guest ssid wlan

On main switch a link to second building where there is a cambium gateway ( I suppose e-pmp1000 or e430W ) and in cascade several anonimous wireless devices with same ssid wlan, where wireless clients could be managed with cambium Guest portal

We are planning several of those soft-migration but it's important to understand if with models above we can setup the ethernet ports as we need and if device can sustain traffic load and nat sessions




Yes you can extend guest portal to wired network as well using cambium solution. On our guest portal service we have an option Extend Interface using which you can get the guest captive portal both on wireless as well as wired network.

If you have any further queries please share the proposed network diagram and your requirements to pvsr.gupta@cambiumnetworks.com we are happy to suggest you with possible options.

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Hi Gupta,

I'm a cnMaestro Cloud user, can you please give me step by step procedure in extending Captive Portal thru wired connection? thank you.


Hi Junar,

You can externd the captive portal to Wired network using Extended interface option.

This is available on cnMaestor GUI >> WLANs >> Create new wlan >> Guest Access >> Advance Settings >> Extended interface 2 (Ethernet port 2 of AP) this value can be 2 or greater the 2 based on the AP model. 

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Hi Gupta,

THank you very much on this, another extra feature i learned..

so this network setup is feasible?

*see attached picture*

and also what SSID or WLAN this will be effective? if i have multiple WLAN / SSID?


HI Junar,

Yes, the network diagram you have shared is feasible. One which ever Guest WLAN you have enabled Extended interface that WLAN only will be extended to wired network.

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i know this is a old thread but i have a question.

Is it possible to activate the feature to more then 1 Port ? On a e425h for example, i would like to activate it for the 2 extra lan ports. Can i write 2-3 or somehting like that ?

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this is not been supported, we are getting similar request from the filed. request are under consideration (no timeline as of now)