Wireless interface status ePMP1000

Dear everyone

Please help me explain why my configuration still have link test with result OK

* AP: I set,

   - IP assignment: static

   - IP address:

* SM:

   - IP assignment: static

   - IP address:

Wireless interface status is layer 1 state, isn't it ?


I'm not sure I'm following you, but I'll make the assumption that you are using a /24 network on the devices and are wondering why the built in Link Test still works even when the devices are isolated at layer-3.  If so, it's because the Link Test is layer-2 (tests to a mac address), not layer-3.

Dear dkeltgen,

Yes, subnet mark is /24. I think maybe you infer rightly. 

Maybe, we will wait anwser from Cambium experts.

Thanks for your replying!


Buitin Link Test is layer2 and it will work no matter of L3 IP addresses you've setup on your units. So its expected behaviour.

Thanks Dmitry Moiseev very much!