Wireless Manager/CNS Feature

I don't have as much experience with WM so if that software has it then I'll stand corrected.  However, I would love to see both products have the ability to manage frequencies of individual AP's.  To elaborate, if I add a cluster of 4 AP's, it will poll the data of what channel it's on, or I can manually enter it for a proposed site.  Once this data is populated, and this is a key component to this idea, I can visualize on a map which frequencies are pointed which directions.  You can then progress this design concept to an alert system based on that criteria that dictates the overall coverage of that AP, IE: a 90 degree sector on 3655000 with a 10mhz. channel can cover X zone.  Then, if I propose or add a new site in X zone and try to point 3655000 in a direction that is not healthy for the RF environment, it will alert me.  It seems like a system like this would make spectrum management a lot more efficient.