Wireless Manager desktop icon

Prizm would automatically create a nice desktop icon the first time it was downloaded with Java Web Start, has anyone seen Wireless Manager do the same thing? Or have others tried to venture around in the JWS cache to find the right thing to launch? Loading the website everytime is getting pretty old.


Figured it out, of course I was just a couple of clicks away…

1. Open the Java Control Panel Applet
2. Click the View… button for temporary files
3. Right-click on Motorola One Point Wireless Manager
4. Choose Install Shortcuts

Salad (?),

Thanks for the post, just installed the shortcut. We’re just now turning up the WM server and this relieves one of the headaches.


No problem - happy to help. Half of the stuff I know I get off of forums like this anyway, I feel it’s important to contribute.