Wireless Manager IP Assignment

Does anyone happen to know if there is a way to mass assign IP’s to the SM’s before Wireless Manager is running? The way we understand it, this has to be done before we can bring the WM online to manage the network. I remember reading somewhere that there was a tool that could do it other than WM but I was never able to find out what it was exactly.

In a nutshell we have somewhere around 700 Ballpark SM’s and quite a few AP’s up but we’re not sure how to get the IP’s sent out in a timely manner.

Also I was curious if the IP’s that need assignment are the internal or public IP’s?

Unfortunately the backwards WM doesn’t assign IPs. It works nothing at all like Prizm/BAM. For actual address assignment you need to do static configuration by hand or use DHCP with reservations.

Does your equipment not have IPs in it already? Are you talking about adding elements to WM? Or bringing new radios online?

Right now we have a dedicated DHCP Server sending out IP’s to the SM’s. We’ll be bringing new radio’s online here in the near future, and they are quite a distance away, however if a DHCP Reservation list can do the trick then that might be the ticket to doing what we need.

Then best way to go is stick with DHCP reservations. On the WM side you basically tell it to scan an entire subnet with a set of SNMP credentials and it will discover all of your units.