Wireless Manager NBI

Is there some way to get data out of this thing? My in-house apps for technical support rely on pulling the AP that an SM is linked to from the device’s EMS (Prizm, SkyPilot). I went poking around the MySQL database but didn’t see many settings for the actual radios. I think I found a “parent” column somewhere but I’m not too sure. Is there a SOAP or SNMP interface?


Nobody uses Wireless Manager like they do Prizm by pulling data out? Hmmmm

We don’t use Prism, so I can’t help you there.

You could probably find what MIB lists the info you want and do an snmpget to retrieve it.

We don’t use prizm or wireless manager either, I’ve written extensive monitor/manage software of my own.

Via SNMP, walking ’ .’ on the AP returns the list of session SM MACs (’.’ is session status if you want to treat idles differently), getting ’ .’ on the SM returns the MAC of the AP to which it is registered.


Just wanted to clarify my prev post - those OIDs are for Canopy gear. For PMP320 it’s . (among others) to walk the session MACs on the AP, and . on the CPE is the BSID (not necessarily MAC but I set all ours that way) of the AP. I don’t know the OIDs for other gear.


Thanks, that’s quite helpful! If I can’t yank anything out of Wireless Manager I’ll employ that route.


Is there a string to pull the AP name out of the SM, instead of the MAC address?

AP name is finally visible in webUI 11.1 and later, but still not exposed via SNMP.