Wireless Repeater?


Is it possible to configure the cn400 as a wireless repeater ? 

Any suggestions as to the config ?


Wireless mesh mode is being supported on the cnPIlot E400 (& ePMP1000 Hotspot) from software version 2.0, currently in beta.

Configuration steps are in knowledgebase article here

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I don't see a version 2 on the  ePMP1000 Hotspot support download page.  Is is still in Beta?

Yes, version 2 is still in beta.

Can you use the wired Etheret port on the mesh units for data?

A mesh client will bridge packets between a wired port and a mesh client WLAN mapped to the same VLAN. Similarly a device with WLAN 1 configured as mesh base will bridge packets between that mesh WLAN and wired ports mapped to the same VLAN as the mesh bridge. So yes, you can backhaul data traffic over a mesh link  and then bridge it over Ethernet.