Wireless topology question

I have a tower that is going to serve six NLOS clients on a 900 MHz PMP 450i. The tower does not have a wired uplink going to it. I do have near line-of-sight to the tower from the demarc, so I could install a 5 GHZ point-to-point uplink for the tower. Will I gain any performance by using a dedicated point-to-point uplink to the tower, or would it work just as well to make the uplink part of the 900 MHz point-to-multipoint?

I would avoid using a shared PMP450 900MHz system for both BH and for PtMP clients. There’s just so little BW available on 900MHz. For nNLOS, I’d highly recommend a pair of F400c or F425’s in PtP mode. ePMP 4000’s new AX chipset with the ePMP teams secret sauce firmware works wonders for those kinds of shots.

Thanks, Eric. The F425 looks like a perfect fit for the PTP link. I’m going to go with that instead of the PTP 670 I was looking at.

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