#WirelessWednesday WISP Webinar - The Future of Shared Access Spectrum: Lessons from the FCC's CBRS Plan

The FCC in the United States is at the forefront of using the CBRS method to connect the unconnected, and many countries around the world are watching closely. If successful, it’s believed that other countries and other spectrum bands will follow a similar model in the future. Our presenters will discuss the future of shared access spectrum and answer your questions live.


  • Matt Mangriotis, Director - Product Management, Cambium Networks
  • Lucia Valbonesi, Fellow, Cambium Networks
  • Joshua Nowak, Operations Manager, ZIRKEL Wireless

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Thank you to everyone who joined the live CBRS webinar! Here is the recording in case you would like to share with others:

Thanks to everyone that was able to join live… and special thanks to our guest speakers, Lucia from Cambium, and Josh from Zirkel Wireless.

Lucia shared a ton of great information on upcoming changes, including PALs, Coexistence groups, and DPA events.

Josh shared his experience with CBRS so far, and where they’re planning to take their network in CBRS.

If you have additional questions or want to review anything, feel free to post your questions below.

Here are the slides that were presented in case you want to peruse them… You’re definitely missing out on some of Lucia’s discussion if you don’t listen to the recording though!

Cambium_CBRS_Webinar_11042020.pdf (3.2 MB)

One question that was asked during the webinar was, “How do I see who has or won PALs in my county?”

The FCC Auction results website is here:

If you click “On” the Search bar, then type in the County Name, it will pull those results.