Wish List: Packet Capture / Analyzer built in to PMP450 APs

I've recently been troubleshooting connection problems between PMP450 APs and SMs, and have run into a brick wall without the ability to tap into the communication between them with a tap and WireShark. I've seen several devices with a built-in protocol / packet analyzer to assist with troubleshooting. This feature, in turn, would reduce the number of tickets handled by Cambium support since users would be able to diagnose more of their own problems.

Another solution might be for Cambium to develop an external USB with the ability to capture the 3.6MHz AP-to-SM communication so it could be utilized by WireShark.

After all, it's almost Christmas!


This is a great idea, and something that we are looking into. There are constraints on the memory space in the SMs, but we're exploring ways to make this possible.

Currently, you can capture packets behind the equipment to see what's coming through the link, but we agree it would be really great to do this in the radio, and assess things remotely.