WISP Field Experiences webinar

Ben Royer of Royell and Cesare Bratta of Cyber Broadcast share their experiences in growing a WISP business. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.


Can  you ask Ben Royer of Royell what kind of Omni Antenna is he using for the 900 Ap he had on the presentation?

Ben is a regular on the community and you should hear from him soon.

Hello there,

The Antennas are:

Vertical - Pac Wireless OD9-11

Horizontal - MTI Wireless 900MHz Outdoor Omni-Directional H-POL 11.5dBi MT-243003/NH

Sorry for the delay,  been a bit occupied this afternoon.

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The few sites we have deployed with the dual H/V omni setup are using Amphenol/Antel BCD-HP7WD-NE for horizontal and an L-Com HG908U-PRO for vertical. We deploy SMs in standard -/+45 slant and it works perfectly fine.

We used a ton of the Antel H-pol omni antennas for FSK for years. As we're pulling down more and more FSK, at least we can reuse those very expensive antennas for something. The nice thing about them is the very clean radiation pattern. Plus some elevation null-fill.

I will also agree with what Ben said in the presentation. Things do seem to get a little strange when an SM is in-line with both antennas. Linktests are definitely better when broadside to the omni orientation. I think what we're going to try on the next site is different vertical spacing and see if that helps.

Alpha Wireless/Alpha Antennas does have a dual-slant 900 omni engineered, but AFAIK, they haven't had enough interest or orders to do a production run on them.

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For both, but Mr. Bratta mentioned these things -

1) What type of deal / contract  do you have with Rhon tower owners? (Bandwidth? You rent? Other?)

2) Has dealing with multiple fiber providers been a problem? (Do any of them compete with you on some level?)