WISP Opportunities

WISPs can expand their networks to connect Multi-Dwelling Units.

THE DEMAND FOR BANDWIDTH IS INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY IN THE MDU MARKET. Renter occupied households are now approaching 44 million (37%) in the US. In addition, there is rapid growth of townhome and high rise living space in urban markets, indicating a trend that will likely continue.

Many of these MDU’s are still limited to the aging copper lines coming into the facility. Given their location, fiber often times doesn’t make financial sense. Service providers traditionally focused on this space are under pressure to deliver a better end user experience while maintaining a competitive price point to their customers.

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Frente, an ISP in Brazil, needed a solution that expanded coverage beyond the reach of their optical cable. Previously, their solution could only support 2 Mb plans, but their clients were demanding throughputs of 5 Mb or more.

“We chose Cambium’s solution because it allows us to offer services better aligned with our client’s needs, without having to replace their existing equipment.”

Check out the Frente case study

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Eurona Ireland deployed the PMP 450m with cnMedusa technology to provide high speed connectivity to business and residential customers in rural areas.

“Prior to installation of the PMP 450m, customers were limited to 8-10 Mbps packages. We can now with confidence provide up to 50 Mbps speeds to customers.” - Barry Wilson, Country Manager Eurona Ireland

Check out the Eurona case study

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Pixius Communications meets peak demand for throughput with PMP 450m with Massive MU-MIMO technology.

“We have serviced downloads up to 118 Mbps during peak customer usage. I would expect these customers to be more than satisfied with their currently uncapped Internet service from the PMP 450m access point.” - Rob Reif, Production Manager, Pixius Communications

Check out the Pixius case study


Our technical support team helps WISPs understand how to improve network performance while reducing maintenance costs.

Most recently, we researched the surge suppressors that are on the market.

3rd party testing confirms that Surge Suppressors based on GDT’s (Gas Discharge Tubes), will NOT protect PMP 450i and PMP 450b Subscriber Module or Access Point radios CN_applicationAlert_09212018afrom lightning or other surges.

Check out the Application Alert.


The WISP business opportunities are attractive. Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) provides high-speed connectivity to rural business and residential customers in Texas with the PMP 450m.

Check out the GVEC case study


WISPs need to provide excellent service on a tight budget. Safety is a big part of that. Our Surge Suppressors are proven to perform.

3rd party testing confirms that Surge Suppressors based on GDT’s (Gas Discharge Tubes), will NOT protect PMP 450i and PMP 450b Subscriber Module or Access Point radios from lightning or other surges.

Check out our Applications Alert on Surge Suppressors.

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MU-MIMO makes a dramatic improvement in throughput at spectral efficiency

The Cambium Networks PMP 450 platform, deployed worldwide as the basis for some of the largest fixed wireless access service provider networks in the world, has evolved to overcome these challenges with PMP 450m, powered by cnMedusa technology – the industry’s first commercially deployed massive multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) platform.

This white paper is an overview of the general technologies used in massive MU-MIMO, followed by specific details on Cambium Networks’ cnMedusa massive MU-MIMO technology as implemented in the PMP 450m product.

Check out our solution paper on MU-MIMO technology


Learn about MU-MIMO technology and its benefits and how it delivers high throughput and spectral efficiency in the Cambium Networks PMP 450m with cnMedusa technology.

Check out the video here.

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Cambium Networks knows a lot about making the most of RF frequencies. Check out our video on What Makes a Good Sector Antenna.

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Did you know that the ePMP wireless broadband products now come with a 3 year warranty at no additional charge? 

ePMP field proven, affordable, reliable - and a 3 year warranty. 

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Fantastic news, but I wanted to ask for some clarification - does this apply to previously-purchased ePMP radios, or just those purchased after the announcement?  We have dozens of dead radios that are 1-3 years old that are waiting to be dumped.


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this applies to equipment purchased on or after Oct 01, 2018

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Ah, well.  Didn't hurt to hope.  Thanks.


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ePMP 3000 is designed based on conversations and feedback from WISPs around the world. The solution provides higher throughput, backwards and forwards compatibility and interference tolerance technologies.

Looking for a reliable, cost effective solution? Check out ePMP 3000

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