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I am new in Cambium solution, We are a startup WISP that would like to provide 3 play solution in 5GHZ frequency for 2000 Customer in one site. We would like to have Your support which is the best solution for it. on this site there are a lot of 5GHZ provider. We don’t have licensed frequency.

For high density sites where there’s lots of competition I’d recommend looking into PMP450m 5GHz.

That’s a lot of customers in 1 area make sure you use narrow sectors with a lot of AP’s so you don’t overload

also careful channel planning and sync planning

Thanks for Your advice.

Hello Sir,

as you start, usually you wish to have optimum coverage with less sites. But, that is not usually the best option. Try to do some coverage study and have shorter and middle range links (4-5 Km) with your customers so that you guarantee the service quality.

The single tower allows you to start, but optimization usually requires more sites.

Always, be ready to conduct your own coverage study and capacity planning.
If you need guidance on planning, you can ask us.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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Thanks Olympe,

I need to cover 10 to 15Km this is a town house, I will no be allowed to have 2 sites.

Hello Allberto,

the PMP 450m or at least the PMP 450i are the best options. But again, I do recomment also the PMP 450m Access Point. But, beyond 10 Km for example 14-15 Km, if there are other 5 GHz users, you might need the PMP 450i connetorized radio Subscriber Modules to increase the gain or received signal.

And as you evolve, you might be able to have the option to use the 3 GHz PMP 450m Access Point or have more towers to decrease link ranges.

Again, do not align your access using eyes, plan your networks deploy the access point on the planned tower height and use either compass or RF alignment tool dedicated for Access Points.

This will have to know the exact number of access points needs and the right coveraded area.

As clients increase, you might add more APs as one supports around 238 SMs.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Thanks Olympe for Your support

Hello Allberto,

You are welcome.

Let me know how it goes with implementation.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Hi Olympe,

Cambium reseller to my country is saying that I can cover 64km using EPMP 2000 and PMP 450i, is it recommended, using force 180 or 190.

64km (who cares about earth curvature, signal propagation etc) using Force 180 and 190??? If this is not a typo your reseller must stop selling wireless networking equipment.
First of all you must define what services you wish to offer (i.e X/XMbps, triple play etc), define your coverage area and proceed with a plan (radios, network etc) of how to achieve this.
In any case, serving 2.000 CPEs from one site is quite a challenge. Even if you go with cnMedusa (best spectral efficiensy) and provided you have zero interference (all the spectrum is yours) you will need to collocate minimum 8 to 10 Sectors (provided also that the CPEs are ideally located)…
With proper planning you can surely provide decent service to your customers but 2K from one site I think its a long shot.

Hi Ndem

Thanks for Your Answer, This is a triple play Solution. I get Your idea. I will do that.


Hello Allberto,
as I mentioned, when I say to use the regular CPE (23 dBi), usually you can push easily 10 to 15 Mbps uplink/downlink to your customer within a 15 MHz from few Km to around 15 Km. But, do not plan on the longest coverage, plan your network based on which capacity you want to provide to your customers, then from there, you will know the cell radius need to start with. Then, with growth, you will more tower/rooftop to farther places. Let me know the capacity you want to provide to assist you.

Sincerely yours,